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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Harry potter and the Sorcererґs Stone

J. K. Rowling

Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1966 in Chipping Sodbury, England to Anne

and Peter Rowling. At two, she had a sister called Di. She lived in Bristol, England until she was

nine when she moved to a village in Tutshill. On her first day of school in Bristol, she thought she

had “finished” school and didn’t need to go back. She said she really liked it. At Tutshill, though,

she didn’t like it at all! During those days she was very unhappy. She lived near an old castle on a

cliff (you can guess where Hogwarts came from) and by a graveyard. People who knew that thought

she was weird. But she made a lot of friends because she told them wonderful stories. Her best

friends were Ian and Vikki Potter. Joanne made up many stories. Her favorite was called Rabbit.

She wrote it at age six and actually thought it could be published! Joanne really liked to read, but

she still really liked making up stories better. She had many phases when she liked certain types of

books. She also had phases with pets, such as when she had tropical fish as pets, she wanted every

thing that had to do with them. She had other pets. She had a dog, Thumper, two guinea pigs who

got eaten by a fox, and another dog, Misty, who stayed around until Joanne went to University.

She had an interesting childhood. Didn’t she?

Joanne K.Rowling was going to high school. She went to Wyedean Comprehensive. Her favorite

subject was always English, but she never got better in

sports and broke her arm playing them. At lunch, as always, she made up and told her

friends, stories. They were mainly about her friends and her as heroes, doing great deeds. She was

made head girl on her final year. Then, she went to Exeter University. She took French and spent

one year in Paris studying French and teaching English part-time. That was the end of school for her.

After finishing school, J.K, Rowling decided that she needed a job. So she went around doing

interviews and things like that. She got a job as secretary of Amnesty International. She had to

leave that soon though, because she barely even took notes. She doodled pretty much the whole

time! So she started thinking about what job she should have. She remembered that she had liked

teaching English at Paris when she was in university, and wanted to teach in an interesting place, so

she decided to be an English teacher in Portugal. As she was there, she married a Portuguese

Journalist, Jorge Arantes in 1990. Soon after, in 1993, she gave birth to Jessica Isabel Rowling

Arantes. She was Joanne’s greatest joy. But sadly, her mother died around then. Then, Joanne

missed her family and divorced and took Jessica to England. She decided to live with her sister in

Edinburgh, Scotland. On the train ride there, she suddenly had a vision of Harry Potter. She was

so excited and started thinking of the characters and the plot. At the end of the ride, she was

ready for Harry Potter. At Edinburgh, she started teaching French and whenever she could, she

went to a cafй to write. Then, she married Dr. Neil Murray. When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s

Stone was published, and she received all that money, she decided to be a full time writer, which

was always her wish. She was so


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