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The objective of this Request For Information is to develop a strategy for redesigning Healthlite’s business and information systems processes that would make the company more competitive.

This is a Request For Information (RFI) issued solely for information and planning purposes. It does not constitute a Request For Proposal (RFP). Please ensure that any sensitive or protected information is marked as such.


The purpose of this RFI is to provide Healthlite’s CEO and board of directors with information to make strategic decisions. This will enable the Board to incorporate strategies, alternatives, and experiences, representing best practices in developing and implementing transformational common solutions that incorporate the following: a plan for the effective management of data resources in the organization’ evaluates the potential impact of new technology and systems on business processes; uses e-commerce and e-business processes to support organizational initiatives; defines current information systems, and suggests developing new ones to support more effective forms of organizational learning; articulating support systems to enhance decision making; evaluates Intranet and Extranet uses for increased ROI; and verify security and ethics policy effectiveness.

The ultimate goal is to develop and implement common solutions for Healthlite that provide capabilities that achieve corporate objectives. This requirement builds upon the existing company framework and facilitates development of an enterprise-wide effort.

The intent of the RFI response is to:

Я Identify solutions that address Healthlite vision and goals.

Я Be structured so that its results can be used to develop a Healthlite common solution and target architecture.

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