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History of Chocolate

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History of Chocolate


Thesis Statement- Chocolate tastes excellent after it is processed, but at first it tastes pungent, and disgusting.

  1. Introduction, which will give readers a brief summary of what the whole paper will be about
  1. Give readers appealing facts about the cacao bean to help them better comprehend what they are fixing to read about.
  2. Inform readers about how much chocolate is consumed by an average American in one year.


  1. Let readers know about the main part of chocolate which is cacao.
  1. Explain to readers where the cacao bean is found.
  2. Describe to readers how you pick the cacao bean.
  3. Tell readers about the tree on which the cacao beans grow.
  4. Inform readers about the many different parts of the cacao bean.
  1. Give readers many facts about the history of chocolate and cacao.
  1. Enlighten readers on who first discovered cacao, which was the Aztecs and Mayans.
  2. Tell readers about the first form of chocolate milk, which was a drink called chocolatl.
  3. Inform readers about how Christopher Columbus discovered cacao.
  1. Give readers many examples of different chocolate manufacturers around the world.
  1. Explain to readers what some of the top chocolate manufacturers in the United States are.
  1. Tell readers a little bit about the Hershey Chocolate Company.
  2. Inform to readers about the Mars Chocolate Company which makes M&M’s, Snickers, and the Milky Way bar.
  3. Also tell readers about the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.
  4. Give readers information on a few other chocolate manufacturers in the United States.
  1. Give readers information on some of the main European chocolate manufacturers.
  1. Tell readers about J.S Fry and Sons chocolate company.
  2. Inform readers about the Divine Chocolate Company in Europe.
  3. Tell about Hotel Chocolat which is a European Chocolate Company.

  1. Inform readers about other chocolate manufacturers in the world.
  1. Tell readers about the Nestle Chocolate Company in Switzerland.
  2. Also give readers information about the Stollwerck Chocolate Company in Germany.
  1. Explain to readers the nutrition facts of chocolate.
  1. Tell what scientists and doctors opinions are on chocolate.
  2. Explain the facts on why chocolate kills animals.
  3. Answer the question, “Is chocolate healthy for you?”
  4. Get information on the question “Do professional athletes eat chocolate?”
  5.  Compare and contrast the health hazards and benefits from chocolate.

III. Conclusion, which will be a summary or review of what the whole entire paper was about.

Excellent outline!

Instead of writing what you will do, write the first sentence in that part.


Instead of writing: Give readers appealing facts about the cacao bean to help them better comprehend what they are fixing to read about.

Write: Cacao beans appeal to people worldwide.

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