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History of the United States

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History of the United States

Over the year’s technology have affected America’s identity. It has been a simple life living without technology. However technology brought many positive things to America. Technology helped America to travel, trade, and gives the lasts news. Technology was good to America.

Living without technology was difficult. It was harder to get new around America because technology was so low. It was harder for the families to talk to each other or to even meet, because technology was invented yet. Not until telephones was invented that the communication in America started to increase. Also news from all over America can be reach through radios. It made people in America live an easier live with telephones and radios.

It wasn’t pleasant to live without light in the house. People in history had to light up candles to see in their houses. It was so inconvenience to lit the candles. In 1752 electricity was invented and it changed the Americans way of living. They were able to have light in the house without burning down their houses. Also it’s easier to have a light bulb then to light a candle. Electricity had a big impact on American lives.


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