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How Led Zeppelin Influenced American Culture

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How Led Zeppelin Influenced American Culture

How Led Zeppelin Influenced American Culture

One of the most influential rock bands, Led Zeppelin, not only influenced American musicians, but also influenced the American culture with their combined rock, heavy-metal, blues, and folk to create an outstanding and timeless sound which can be followed from the origins of the band, through the height of the band’s career, to the legacy they left behind.

Before Led Zeppelin was founded, each of the members had previous experience playing different styles of music that contributed to the sound of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s main influences were blues player, Willie Dixon and the influences found in the country of Morocco. Both men played in many other bands including Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Band of Joy. One other unusual influence was the author J.R. Tolken. J.R. Tolken influenced a lot of what Robert Plant wrote for his songs. One of the most noticeable tracks is “Ramble On”, from their second album, Led Zeppelin II. As for the other two members of the group, John Paul and John Bonham were much alike with their influences mainly focused on folk and blues, but also kept a heavier sound in their heart. With their combined experience, knowledge, and love for music, they created a boisterous, but yet very astonishing sound that many artists could not compare to.

At the height of Led Zeppelin’s career, the collective members of Led Zeppelin created a new sound that included many types of genres: Rock n’ Roll, heavy-metal, blues, and even folk. This greatly influenced the American culture as they began touring the United States, before releasing an album. Surprisingly enough, American citizens enjoyed their music. This created a huge success in The United States. As for their home country of Britain, people just were not into their music. Early in 1969, “Led Zeppelin, recorded, and released their first self-titled album. The album is essentially blues-driven release. Page's early style drew so heavily on the blues that Willie Dixon later won a large settlement for the copyright infringement,” (Douglas). They also worked with distorted amplifiers which led to the evolution of what we call today, heavy-metal. Led Zeppelin also experienced with a softer sound by using acoustic guitars. Shortly after releasing their 1st album, they released their second album, and became as some would say the “biggest band in the world”. Years later, the band would release a total of ten albums in all, not including greatest hit albums.

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