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Humanistic Psychology

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Humanistic Psychology

Humanistic Psychology is the school I chose. Humanism is based on self actualization, self image, and free will or the ability to make voluntary choices. A key concept of humanistic psychology is that behavior is guided by ones self-image, subjective perceptions of the world, and by needs for personal growth.

Abraham Maslow found that the needs of humans were in a specific order. Basic physical needs were at the bottom and they include air, water, sex and food. Then safety needs which were security and stability. Then came the social needs which include the need for love, belonging and acceptance. At the top were the self-actualizing needs which include the need to fulfill oneself, and to become all that one is capable of becoming. Basically, Maslow states that there is more to life and how a person reacts then just the environment or another force.

Humanists such as Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Rollo May focus on the fact that love, self esteem, a need for belonging

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