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Information System Evaluation

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Information System Evaluation

Test Week 4 - ISM520_OLFC_Information System Evaluation

Points:  50 / 1000 (5%)

Due:  Sunday 06/22/2014 via Moodle – Link Week 4

Name: Mahala koukou

Please answer all questions in the order provided AND on this sheet.

Please make sure you have entered your name on the given space above.

Your answers should be “Original – from you” and not from any other sources.  You may check any sources of your choice including the text book, Web…but then you need to make the answer yourself based on your understanding of the topic. There will be no credit for material copied from any other sources!


  1. Describe the primary activities of the design phase of the SDLC.

There are many activities that are performed during the design phase, but the specific ones that are necessary are determined once the team has decided upon the best design strategy for the project. The design strategy options are: build the system in-house; purchase a pre-written software package, or hire an outside firm to do the development. Assuming the design strategy is to build the system in-house, then the team will have a myriad of design activities to perform Their primary goal is to develop physical models of the new system that document how it will perform the functions outlined in the Analysis phase. These physical models will represent the new system’s design before the system builders start constructing it. Included in this work will be converting the logical DFDs and ERDs to physical diagrams, planning the integration of the new system with existing systems, making technology architecture decisions, and designing all system components (user interface, input, output, programs, files and databases).

  1. What is involved with systems integration? When is it necessary?

Packaged software solutions are frequently available that provide acceptable solutions to business needs. Companies are satisfied with the features available and value the time and cost savings. These packages must be integrated into the existing environment of legacy systems and other software packages. Systems integration addresses the data integration issues that become critical in order to combine systems from various sources.

  1. Explain the client- server architecture.

In a client-server based architecture the responsibility for the applications functions are shared. The client is responsible for the presentation logic, whereas the server is responsible for the data access and data storage. The application logic may be split between the client and server, or may reside on the client or the server.

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