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Information Systems Planning: Success

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Information Systems Planning: Success

Information Systems Planning: Success

As defined by the Strategic Business Planning Co., Strategic Information Systems are:

A process for developing a strategy and plans for aligning information systems with the business strategies of an organization.

They can be utilized by:

• Top management assures that core competencies and strategic direction are fully supported by IS.

• Middle and Operational management end up with the tools they need to make immediate and informed decisions.

• Marketing & Customer Service Management are able to provide better sales and follow-on support.

• Information management is better able to manage expectations and technology decisions at all levels of the organization

And they assist in accomplishing:

• Links objectives of an enterprise with the IS processing resources necessary to support those objectives

• And vise versa, it ties the corporate objectives to the core competencies and competitive advantages of the corporate IS environment

• Positions the IS to provide the most competitive advantage

• Integrates interdepartmental and inter-organization connectivity/ communications (e-business)

• Produces performance measures of business processes that provide timely, accurate and consistent information to make decisions

• Identifies technology resources to

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