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Intangible Asset

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Intangible Asset


"if only we can turn the huge company experience and knowledge in real and tangible market value in order to become more and more competitive and even more innovative…

This statement was given by MR, Malik Rauf manager of human recourse department in an annual meeting of all departments at Wah Nobel Group of companies. Wah Nobel group of companies was founded in 1962.It is joint venture between Saab Sweden, Almishal Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Ordnance Factories. Wah Nobel develops, manufacturers, market and maintains a wide range of commercial explosives, accessories and industrial chemicals of international standards. WAH NOBEL GROUP includes different companies which are as follows

• Wah Nobel Private Limited

• Wah Nobel Chemicals Limited

• Wah Nobel Detonators (Pvt) Limited

• Wah Nobel Acetates Limited

• Wah Nobel Balochistan Limited

Human are an essential part of any organization. Without them, any organization cannot come into existence, irrespective of its size. Keeping in view the importance of people, the need for human resource department was felt, which could not only hire suitable personnel for the company, but can also act like a liaison between the administration of the firm and the employees, because for the success and development of any company, mutual understanding between the management and staff is required. Since 2005 company was getting lots of problems about data related to different projects and task performed in the organization, especially in case of data or knowledge related to training and development, because the turn over rate of company is very high in 2005 and 2006 due to change in management and other management issues, Organization was facing ever-increasing challenges, brought on by marketplace pressures or the nature of the workplace. Organizations are now looking to knowledge management (KM) to address these challenges. Such initiatives are often started with the development of a knowledge management strategy so HRM department feel a high need of a strategy to store the knowledge according to activates related to business.

‘The capability to gather, lever,

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