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Internet Class Guide

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Internet Class Guide

Lesson Plan: Introduction to the Internet

Administrative Information

Class Title: Introduction to the Internet

Training Objectives: By the end of the class, students will have:

· Been introduced to the Internet with particular attention to the World Wide Web (WWW);

· Learned how the Internet is structured and functions;

· Become familiar with the Internet Explorer browser;

· Learned the concept of hyperlinks and how to use them to navigate the WWW;

Audience: 10 students with basic computer knowledge, little-no knowledge of the Internet/WWW.


· knowledge of basic PC skills, including keyboard and mouse skills;

· ability to navigate a computer desktop;

· familiarity with the Windows environment.

Length: 1.5 hours (1 hour instruction, 1/2 hour hands-on practice)

Preparation Resources:

· WWW sites

· The World Wide Web

· Gates Foundation User Education Guide

Body of the Class

Introduction: (5-10 minutes)

1. Introduce instructor and coaches.

2. Conduct needs assessment:

· Ask how many have tried to surf the WWW before.

· Ask what people want to do with Internet (go around to each individual).

3. Go over class objectives.

4. Give overview of class - 1 hour instruction, 1/2 hour of hands-on activities.

5. Go over class rules:

· Do not turn monitor on until instructor tells you to do so.

· Do not play with mouse or touch keyboard until instructor advises you to do so.

· Please limit questions to the material at hand. Questions about personal computers and software cannot be answered due to time limits of class.

6. Go over packet, handouts.

7. Ask for questions.

Lesson Content:

Overview: What is the Internet? (5 minutes)

1. Discuss "Internet Glossary" handout on page 9. "This is in your packet. Terms used today are defined on this handout. We will discuss definitions, but not refer to this handout. Please read this glossary later on your own."

2. Explain the structure of the Internet (use "Communicating Networks" handout on page 3):

· The Internet is a worldwide network of computer networks that can "talk" to each other. The Internet links computer networks, large and small, together in one huge group. This enables a computer in Naples to "talk" to a computer in Singapore, and a computer in Paris, France, to "talk" to a computer in Seattle, Washington.

3. Explain difference between Networks, ISPs, browsers, and users (use "Concepts You Need" handout on page 4).

4. Ask for questions.

Overview: What is the World Wide Web? (5 minutes)

1. Explain what the WWW is:

· Collection of documents on the Internet, with text, sounds, and images.

2. Explain that the World Wide Web is just one way of using the Internet.

· Other ways of using the Internet are by E-mail and Chat. They, along with WWW pages, make up a part of the Internet.

3. Ask for questions.

Overview: What is a URL? (5 minutes)

1. Define

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