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James Dyson

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James Dyson

this case study illustrates many of the obstacles and difficulties of launching a new product. the product in question used new technology that was initially rejected by existing manufacturers. it was priced at more than double that of existing products. but eventaully captured moure than 50 per cent of the UK cacuum cleaner market in less than 4 years.

James Dyson certainly believes it was worth it in the end. but during the fifteen year period there were probably many occasions when he felt like giving up or more likely would have sold out for a few haudred thousdang pounds. the period 1980 to 1992 was very difficult, not just ofr himself but also for his family, and enormous pressures were placed on them. fortunatylly they survived, arguably someone without the background, resources and contacts would have failed. many people have great ideas but only a few achieve success. very often it is due to the determination of the individual involved. sometimes events seem to conspire against even the best efforts of the individual.

dyson invests heavily in research and development and belives that this is the key

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