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Keeping Kids out of Gangs

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Keeping Kids out of Gangs

Keeping Kids Out of Gangs

Children are the future, and hopefully not future gang members. Kids should be taught to stay out of gangs and make good choices and as a reward their future will be better. Let the children know that they were born in the best country in the world and as long as they stay out of trouble they will be helped in whatever they need, whether it’s money, love, or the sense of belonging. Kids should be able to see the whole picture when it comes to gangs. Kids join gangs for different reasons. Some children join gangs because they have a dysfunctional family and they yearn for love, respect, and the feeling of belonging. Others join gangs because of their poor surroundings or to fill a void in their lives. In order to keep kids from becoming gang members’ schools should have a Gang Awareness class in which the children will see the big picture about gangs. The children should be taught the reasons why not to join a gang through guest

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