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Kodak Moment: Imagery

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Kodak Moment: Imagery

Kodak Moment: Imagery

The image of the bottle being crushed and glittering indicates that it’s dark outside and that the bottle shards really shining under the streetlight. This is a really dark idea, producing a gloomy foreboding in the reader. It may also suggest desperation – the feeling that it is hopeless in that section of the city, where shards from a crushed bottle provide the prettiest or most pleasant sight.

It can also simulate the auditory sense, the sense of hearing. We can imagine the sound of the bottle �crushing’, as the man casts it onto the ground, ’cursing’. Since the atmosphere in general seems to be quiet or deserted, these would probably be the dominant sounds and therefore quite loud.

The third sense this involves is the kinesthetic sense – the sense of touch. Most readers would know what broken glass feels, like, or a crushed bottle.

Another visual image is that of the �ragged man with jeans falling down beneath a protruding beer belly’. He is stumbling down the sidewalk. This is obviously a vivid image because the man altogether seems to be a drunk on the verge of collapsing, something that readers can picture with ease. this attire and physical condition assist our imaginations in reconstructing this man.

The sense of hearing might also is simulated. Someone �stumbling’ creates a thumping or scuffing sound with their feet, which is distinctive and not

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