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Leadership Styles of Google

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Leadership Styles of Google

In today’s society most corporations are multinational firms that maintain manufacturing, marketing, service, or administrative operation in different countries. Although diversity is a new reality, many leaders are unprepared to handle it. (Manning, 2007, p. 244.) At Google diversity is a fundamental to of doing things. Google has embraced the concept of diversity and have made enormous efforts to capitalize on the strengths of a diverse workforce. (Manning, 2007, p. 245) Management strives to be a local company in every country they operate in. Google reflects the globally diverse audience that believes in addition to hiring the best talent, the diversity of perspectives, ideas, and cultures leads to the creation of better products and services. The diversity of the employees and partners at Google serves as a foundation to better service their diverse customers and stakeholders. Google fosters a working environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and innovative by actively supporting diversity through pre-university outreach initiative, support of university students and partnerships with professional organization. (Google jobs p.1) A prescription for diversity as stated in the text is in the enlightened workplace. There is a philosophy of pluralism and a relentless effort to eliminate racism, sexism, ageism, and other discriminations. In a workplace where this occurs all people have reason to believe they are accepted and respected and their voices will be heard. (Manning, 2007, p. 245)

Empowering people through effective leadership is what management does at Google. What does empowerment mean? Empowerment means letting go of the authority to make certain decisions. Good management means practicing and facing reality combined to help managers understand that modern employees won’t accept jobs where they have no say in their day to day operational decisions. (Leadersdirect, 2006, p. 1) In order to effectively empower people several factors must be present, organization culture must support empowerment if managers feel threatened by loss of authority it won’t work. The company must know what to empower and when and self awareness is essential to ensure you are not actually disempowering employees. (Leadersdirect, 2006, p. 1) One of the ways in which Google empowers people is by implementing programs that develop leaders. Google has a program to train a new generation of leaders to be empowered as they learn to become the future of the company. They seek brilliant kids that are young masters and mistresses of the Internet, armed with stratospheric SAT scores, computer science degrees from top universities and slots them directly into important jobs no experience necessary. (Newsweek, 2007 p. 62) Are leaders born or made?

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