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Letter to My Sister

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Letter to My Sister

Dear Kaitlyn,

Hey, its your sister. I am writing you to tell you my story and thank you for everything you involuntarily did. Since you never got the chance to tell your story, I need to tell you mine. I owe you everything because you saved my life. Through the loss of your life, our parents conceived another child, me. The day you died it crushed our parents. Questioning everything they believed in, they wondered how God could take their little girl away from them. As they were pregnant with me, they were terrified of God’s wrath and feared they would lose another child. Then, God answered their prayers, and I was born.

Even though your story was short lived, many people missed you. I hope this letter makes you proud. First of all, my full name is MaKayla Hope Ketchem. The stupid nurse messed up my name, so the “K” in my name is capitalized. Also, I was dropped multiple times on my head as a child. We have a brother named Matthew. As of now, he is thirteen. He was born August 1, 2014. My brother and I are complete opposites. It puzzles me what you would be like. I guess I will find out one day.

My life. First of all, I love sports. I play soccer. I am in National Honor Society, Academic Club, 4-h, and Planetshakers (my youth group). I attend church twice a week. My hobbies include reading, working with animals, listening to music, and driving. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. My best friend is Katie Hancock. I currently do not have a boyfriend. I just got out of a long relationship, so I am not jumping back into one just yet. I currently like two guys both of which like me. One of them is not even from America. He is on my soccer team. The other one plays football. I am not one to like commitment after my last relationship. My future is something that confuses me. My goal is to become a wife with two children. I am not exactly sure what I want to do with my life as in profession. I know I want to go to college, but I do not know what for yet.

Moving on, now let’s talk about school. Before I start, let me tell you this. You are so lucky you never had to attend school. It is a place of agony and torture. Every morning I have to wake up early to learn more about useless things that mean nothing to me, yet I must be pretty smart. I am ranked third in my class which is one of my biggest achievments. I have no idea how because I am not very common sense smart. Well, school is the same each and every year. There are clicks, drama, fights, report cards, and most of all bomb threats. People are so corrupt. Each year it seems like school gets crazier while my classes get harder and school

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