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Los Angeles Now

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Los Angeles Now

Los Angeles used to portrayed as the place that has the beach, the nice weather, the

beautiful blonds, and the glamorous stars (what you see in bay watch). We here the story

of people who came to LA expecting this image because this is how LA is portrayed in

the media, but when they come they something that is totally different; they were

expecting to see a place filled with white people, and blond women, but then they see a

place filled with Hispanics, they see a mall that is completely oriental, shops with written

signs that they cant understand.

The film did a very good job in focusing on important elements of LA; one of the most

interesting things that got my attention is the fact the LA does not have center, it does not

have a heart, the vast majority of business are not in down town, down town does not

play an essential part of people’s life in LA, not like Manhattan in New York. The also

showed the opposite sides of LA, the clean streets and glamour of Beverly hills, and the

broken streets and hardship of places like south central.

It all leads to the fact that LA is changing, I likes the way that these commentators

brought forward the truth of that, they showed the fact that the glamour look of LA is

represented mostly by people whoa are not from LA and don’t represent LA, LA is

represented by the life of its people. They touched on the truth of this life.

They touched on the truth of this life. They shows what underneath all that glamorous

image of Los Angeles, the relationship between African American and Hispanics; how

African Americans feel that Hispanics are taking over south central. One of the

interesting points that was made was that African American also took over south central,

it was not always filled with black people, it used to be filled with Anglo-Saxons, and

Latinos are not trying to take over, their just trying to live with Blacks. we see war

between Hispanic and black gangs, but at the same time we see a Latino girl and a black

girl walking together back from school and becoming best friends, we see the surfer dude

whose Asian, we see a rapper who is Hispanic, we see another side to the splitting Los

Angeles, we see places that look like and have the feeling of a small town. On the other

hand LA also represent exactly what Lewis Wirth talked about, the lost sense of

community, the egoistic

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