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Macbeth Witches

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Macbeth Witches

As it is shown in the play, the witches have played a small, yet significant part of the play, they have shown that they are responsible for the deaths and tragic events that have happened in 'Macbeth'. In the supernatural world, the theme of fair is foul is mentioned early. This establishes the connection between Macbeth and the witches. They set the dark tone of the play.

The play is a tragedy but it begins with a positive character. Macbeth is a good man, but is overtaken by his conscious and his determination of becoming king. He is insecure about his manhood, and has second thoughts about murdering Duncan. But when Lady Macbeth accuses him of being a coward and manipulates him, this is when his character begins to emerge from the pleasant man he is into the evil murderer. With the help of his wife, his character changes dramatically into a bad character. Because of the manipulation that he had with Lady Macbeth, he makes decisions to murder more people, he becomes stronger and in control. This is when he kills Duncan's guards and Banquo so that he wouldn't get caught out. When Macduff fled to England with Malcolm, Macbeth feels threatened so he kills Macduff's family. He becomes so evil that he has no care in the world that he has murdered a woman and a child.

Lady Macbeth is a loving wife, and is a very strong woman. She is very loyal to her husband, and her evilness comes out when she pushes Macbeth into killing King Duncan; she had

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