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1. The target market is stylish, wealthy, middle-aged professional men who can afford and expect watches of the highest quality, likely over age 40, and certainly bringing home at least a six-figure salary. The ad is in color, with large white letters and directed at male readers.

2. The Hook that the ad uses is in large white cap letters on clouds that reads, “WELCOME TO OUR WORLD." Breitling aims to establish a message of absolute quality with its ad, which depicts a serious Thom Richard, who is one of the rare drivers on the planet that has talent, experience, and courage to contest the final of the famous Reno Air Races-motorized sports world's fastest. Going further, Breitling puts a pilot in the ad because the company wants to associate its watch as a product of the highest quality. Even pilots, who fly in tough environments and are always on the go, are able to wear a Breitling without any problems, at the bottom of the ad is the address for the Breitling boutique in Naples, a phone number and the company logo. The slogan “instruments

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