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Management on Labor Unions

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Management on Labor Unions

MNGT 516

Module Four: Case Assignment

Core Professor:

June 2006


The fair treatment of employees in the workplace is an issue that has been addressed by the forming of unions. Labor workers want to be able to have a say in their pay, treatment, and work environment and managers should be willing to listen. The need to have a voice in the workplace is very important. The establishment of labor unions allowed workers to address their concerns and force management to provide better pay programs, more time with family, more benefits, and safer working environments. These issues are important and should be every workers right when they begin employment at any organization. The fact that these issues were the foundation of the formation of unions doesn’t change the fact that they are still important today. This case study will address the importance of unions today and the future of unions in the United States.

Importance of Unions

Let’s begin by defining labor unions. Author Stephen P. Robbins in his book titled Organizational Behavior, defines labor unions as “a vehicle by which employees act collectively to protect and promote their interests…for employees who are members of a labor union, wage levels and conditions of employment are explicitly articulated in a contract that is negotiated, through collective bargaining, between representatives of the union and the organization’s management”. There is no denying the importance of unions in the late 1800’s. During the Great Depression was a time when many lost their jobs, as well as a great deal of money. These events later caused a rise in the number of unions in America to rise. The unfair treatment of people (long work hours, low pay, hazardous work environments, etc) demanded the formation of a just system in the workplace. The past has taught today’s management important lessons in placing value in the employee.

No one can deny that at one time, unions served a useful purpose. They were responsible for removing children from dangerous factory jobs and the coal mines. They were responsible for lobbying on behalf of worker's rights. They fought for the 40 hour work week. They fought for the overtime requirements. They fought to make sure employees were not being ripped off by greedy management refusing to pay for their time and services. However, unions are not what they used to be. For example, today government agencies oversee fair treatment and working conditions of employees. With the intervention of government agencies, there are still some cases where I think unions need to remain. These jobs are usually affected by an unusual

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