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Manager’s Role

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Manager’s Role

Manager’s role in the company is to plan, organize, lead, and control the activities of various resources within the organization through coordinated, systematic and cooperative human efforts to achieve objectives. Managers are responsible to supervise and take charge of the activities and productivity of their workers. They play an important role in managing the performance of their staff as well as the company productivity. Moreover, managers are also involved in employee selection, career development, working out compensation and rewards. Managers are also responsible for the growth and increase in the organizations’ finances and earnings.

Managers are accountable for people development that can improve productivity and employees retention. Manager’s role is vital toward achieving the organization objectives as well as individuals goals. The primary person who can establish alignment of individuals with department goals and organizational objectives is the frontline manager. It is evident that individuals will influence company profit. When the organizational objectives and department goals aligned, employees will be able to work with clear purpose, reward recognition will function effectively and employees will have better development. Managers responsible for decision making, goals setting, planning, organizing, guiding and giving directions. Through their responsibilities toward employees and organization, they will help align personal goals with organizational objectives. A manager is the middle man in between the top management level and employees who reports to him. He/she has to ensure that communication is smooth and expressed clearly to avoid misunderstanding and dissatisfaction.

Managers can make significant impact on employees’

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