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Managing Finance

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Managing Finance


This course has the objective of reviewing the financial, control, and investment opportunities faced by rapidly growing companies in entrepreneurial settings. The main objective of study is to consider and select financing vehicles which are appropriate to securing the organizations' money requirements and to understand and analyze the issues in the institutional framework in which those decisions take place.


1. Techniques of Financial Analysis, Helfert, 11th edition, Irwin, 2003.

2. APS Binder (Selected Cases) - available at Luvalle Commons bookstore.


1. The Art of Case Analysis, Robert Ronstadt, is a suggested reading.

2. Corporate Financial Analysis, 7th edition, Diana Harrington, Irwin, 2004.

3. Prospecti from and articles about current financings will also be used as supplementary case assignments.


The classroom work will be based upon case materials. Initial classes will consider cases emphasizing various sources of financing, including short and long-term debt, subordinated capital, and equity. Public and private financing, on and off balance sheet capital, and tax oriented financing will also be included. Later and final cases will emphasize the selection and trade-offs of financing vehicles with company progress and market conditions. Analysis of different institutional regimes and the reasons for particular anomalies in pricing and availability in the financing of small and growing enterprises will be considered against views of markets and corporate finance.


Students will be expected to analyze cases for classroom presentation and discussion. Each class will consider the assigned materials with four questions in mind:

1. How can the company be financed?

2. What is the attractiveness of the financing or investment to the investor?

3. Can improvements be made in the enterprise which could enhance or facilitate its financing?

4. What planning for alternative forms of financing can be assumed as market environments change?

Management 231E

Winter 2008

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Students should come to class prepared to present their conclusions about the assigned materials from each of the viewpoints outlined above. Adequate preparation is assumed. Students are strongly encouraged to work with classmates in developing solutions to these exercises. Students can expect attendance to be taken.


Grading is based on the following proportions:

Basis Amount

Class participation and attendance

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