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McDonald's Corporation in the New Millennium

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McDonald's Corporation in the New Millennium

Answer to Q1:

Customer tastes are changing in healthy, less meat and focus on the source of chicken or meat are less or no hormone to push animal grow up fast. At same time, vegetarianism has become very cool, and teenage eat meat less.

McDonald’s have to change their menu to healthy image for facing the change. The teenage now is McDonald’s future potential customer, but now the image of fast-food is most likely the junk food, McDonald’s need to change the bad image to the healthy one.

Answer to Q2:

The fast-food industry is changing their items healthier. Hamburger or non-hamburger segment put high value on healthy food such as chicken burger or salads. The fast-food industry becoming healthier than before and the potential customers whom care what they eat will go to McDonald’s get they want.

The competitive strategy is toward to hear what customer want and create new life style such as healthy food or vegetarian food, and changing fast for keeping original client and gaining more as well.

Answer to Q3:

Strengths for McDonald’s:

No.1 Fast-food chains- have bigger market share than others.

Weakness for McDonald’s

Image of McDonald’s fast-food is unhealthy-got to change unhealthy image to healthy one.

McDonald’s have large market share than others fast-food restaurants. It strengths are more people could know the news of McDonald’s and easy find it out when have new product or promotion


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