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Measuring the Results of Ggi's Marketing Plan

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Measuring the Results of Ggi's Marketing Plan

Running head: GGI MARKET PLAN

Measuring the Results of GGI's Marketing Plan

March 29, 2007

Measuring the Results of GGI's Marketing Plan

The Marketing team recommended ten major options for GGI.

1. a logo

2. a slogan

3. repackage products to an innovative reusable package

4. web store in Spanish

5. web store in English

6. Direct marketing

a. Musical cards

b. Post cards

c. E-mail

7. Advertise

a. Radio

b. Newspapers

c. Place product in TV shows and Soap Operas

8. catalogs

9. Partnership

a. Chase MasterCard/Visa


c. Food Network

10. Open new stores in shopping centers

The target market was considered best to be middle income Caucasians and Hispanics between the ages of 30 to 70+. This age group is the largest market, with Hispanics being the fastest growing ethnic group.

Measurements used to determine each recommendation’s success will help determine what is working, needs to be modified, or needs to be scrapped. In order for GGI to have an precise measurement, each recommendation needs to stand alone. The use of CRM software and by creating a database, GGI can gather information from the consumer, the stores that are increasing sales and the number of visitors to each site.

The first three recommendations can be measured with metrics that record brand image and indicators of product differentiation. As brand awareness leads to future cash flow and greater market share, GGI at this point in time should strive to have this as the most important metric in the board room.(Hamilton, Kahan, Lavelle, & Sabey, 2007)

The measure of performance should be used to monitor forecasted sales. The actual sales should be broken down by each area and each product. This will determine where the marketing is a success. It will also help to identify areas the marketing is not working and allow for adjustments to compensate. The products that sell will be included in the metric along with items that need to be discontinued. GGI will be able to determine what products to offer in the future with this data. The metrics used in this measurement would identify advertising issues, store location issues, and web site sales issues. By measuring the effects of new/old product line sales and packaging design per product GGI will be able to build

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