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Mgt 350 Critical Thinking - Decisions in Paradise

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Mgt 350 Critical Thinking - Decisions in Paradise

Decisions in Paradise Second Phase

University of Phoenix

MGT 350 Critical Thinking

March 29, 2010

The first issue that I have identified is the need for a stable economic influence that is not weather or tourist based. I have analyzed the current resources of Kava which are primarily land based or derived. Upon analysis of the current and past weather situations or issues the island has encountered it would benefit from an economic base whose foundation was not rooted in Mother Nature's whim and whimsy. The Island of Kava would benefit from importing factories and other industries onto the island that would allow it to generate and maintain a thriving economic force based upon stable industries whose foundations are based upon other economic foundations that are not agricultural or tourism based. Once these economic safe holds are developed the Island of Kava can begin to rebuild its self and develop partnerships with corporations such as ours and other islands and corporations.

The first step of beginning this the island must begin to analyze its strengths and weakness. This must be done in a very non emotional, logical approach. It is very easy for those who are closest to the leadership of the island to examine the hardship of the island in an emotional view. It is actually in the best interest of the people of the Island of Kava that the issues be viewed in a non emotional approach with logic being used as a guide point. That way it allows the most feasible points of economic rebirth to be examined as possible points of a new future for the culturally rich island.

If an emotional view point of thinking is used, each persons personal view point or personal agenda could possibly overshadow what is best for the greater good of the entire island or community. While each individual group has its own agenda, at this time the focus is to get the Island of Kava to a reach the goal of self sufficiency, while also providing positive press and corporate culture for our company. Once these decisions are finalized it will then be the responsibility of the leadership team of both the Island of Kava and our company to develop a united front and implement the decisions and changes that have been created. It must always be remembered that changes for the best for the greater good are usually meet with usually the most resistance by those whom it will benefit the most. It is up to the leadership team to

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