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Midterm Memo

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Midterm Memo

English 102 demands my full attention as much as humanly possible. From the first day I walked into your classroom this semester, I knew I was going to be pushed to produce the work I know I am capable of generating. Although I felt English 102 was going to be a challenge, I felt I had a major advantage over the rest of the peers in our class. The advantage undoubtedly being that I had the same professor the foregoing semester. By choosing a professor whom I felt comfortable writing for, as well as an increased comfort level with your familiar teaching style and grading scheme, I felt I would have the easiest transition into your classroom. Instead of taking a different English 102 class with a new professor who would take half of the semester to learn my name, let alone my writing style, I was confident that you would be able to pick up on my weaknesses and help me exploit my strengths as a writer. For instance, last semester you helped me to spot my ongoing weaknesses in my writing style such excessive run-on sentences, proper grammar and the use of appropriate punctuation where necessary. I knew these weaknesses were going to be a challenge in that I saw them as “carryover” problems from year to year in my schooling. You also have helped me to realize what strengths I possess and, in turn, carryover from year to year as well. For instance, the confidence in my ability to summarize and synthesize material from varied sources as well as my ability to write creatively have all given me the self-assurance I need to write with meaning and purpose.

In reflecting on my work thus far, I am consciously aware of my overall improvements to date. I have become more aware of the importance in reading the assigned material thoroughly before class. This is directly linked to my quizzes in which the first mark I earned was poor, but I rebounded with perfect scores on the subsequent three quizzes. In examining my letter of introduction, I feel as if I showed what I am capable of producing under pressure. That paper was due right around the time I had to travel extensively between here and my distant home for two separate emergencies. With that being said, when you left positive comments at the end of my paper I was elated. Your commented that I wrote a great paper, appreciated the care and insight I have given as well as looking forward to my next project left me feeling as if I had accomplished what I set out to do. When looking at my peer evaluation for the first graded essay, I was left with much of the same feeling. With comments from my peers such as my, “Solid understanding of your article and topic,” as well as, “Strong introduction/conclusion,” I felt as if I was on the right

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