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Minister’s Black Veil

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Minister’s Black Veil

"The Minister's Black Veil"

Mr. Hooper is the minister of the town of Milford. One Sunday, Mr. Hooper decides to come to church wearing a black veil. He delivers his sermon while wearing the black veil even though his parishioners shy away from him and the veil adds an ominous touch to the service. After church he goes to mingle with the congregation outside, while continuing to wear the veil, and people act like they don't know him, don't walk beside him, and forget to invite him out to lunches that are a traditional part of Sundays there. That afternoon Mr. Hooper oversees a funeral. He still hasn't taken off the veil, though it is a bit more appropriate in this setting to be wearing it. Then that evening he conducts a wedding with the veil still on, making it the gloomiest wedding of that time. The village people think he is losing his mind and want to talk to him and find out why his wearing the veil, but can't seem to get the courage to do it. His wife also leaves him because he refuses to take off the veil. Mr. Hooper doesn't take off the veil as long as his lives, and even on his death bed refuses to take it off his earthly form

Mr. Hooper teaches a very good lesson with this veil. Everybody has a "black

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