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Mobile Phones in Schools

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Mobile Phones in Schools

Students have been invited to contribute feature articles to the school web site on the topic: ‘Rules, such as the ban on mobile phones, benefit everyone’.

Rules, such as the ban on mobile phones, benefit everyone.

Daniel Juniper

The recently introduced ban on mobile phones, in our school is a win-win situation for both us students and parents. Our grades will benefit highly and the ever lowering values in etiquette at our school shall benefit too. Although, as our lives grow forever more dependent

on such technology, it will become demanding to refuse mobile phone use eternally. Within the near future, discussions need to be held on the long term practicality of this new rule.

However controversial it is, this ban needed to be imposed on us. Everyday we are disrupted by students taking their phones outside classrooms, we see students playing video games and sending text messages during class, we are constantly distracted from phones ringing and we can never seem to get away from the eyes of peering camera-phones. It is understandable that teachers have a fear of students cheating using their phones, with nearly every student possessing a phone of their own; it would be a very easy offence to undertake.

The obvious negative aspects to mobile phones in schools are vast and solid. It is reasonable to assume that mobile phones are a distraction from our learning. They are not essential to life at school, and possess great risks to our fellow students and with the sceptics blaming cancer on mobile phone radio frequency radiation, who are we to say they are wrong? The recent introduction of video-capable phones has thrown personal privacy out the window. We now must fear getting changed into sports gear in front of other students. Never before has student access to pornography been easier. Not only can the perverted students videotape fellow students, they can access videos and images on the internet through their phone also.

As mobile phone technology increases, it becomes obvious that they incorporate many new features which are not suitable for school use. However we can not simply ignore what this technology has to offer us. It has been argued by some students here, that they rely on their phones; either for health reasons,

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