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Mop Top

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Mop Top

While Snow White slept she remained beautiful. Snow White was dependent on the huntsman and later relied on the dwarves to keep her safe. Cinderella waited patiently for her prince to come with the glass slipper.

All of the female protagonists are rewarded in the end by marrying a handsome, rich prince. ” (Leiberman cited in CCM package 192) Sleeping Beauty and Snow White both were passive in their stories, demonstrated as they slept awaiting their prince to rescue them. As the story confirms, “ The executioners were just on the point of carrying out their dreadful instructions when the King galloped into the courtyard. After leaving her supper at the ball she has nothing more to do but stay at home and wait. Cinderella was lovely despite her rags, Sleeping Beauty despite her 100 year spell, Snow White despite the evil taunts from the wicked Queen and Rupunzel despite her being locked in a tower and then living in misery in a deserted place. Cinderella was rescued, taken to the prince and was married. They display passivity, dependence,

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