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Mr Nobody

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Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody was first released on 12 September 2009 in Venice. It was then introduced into Belgium and France 4 months later on 13 January 2010.

Director Jaco Van Dormael filmed Mr. Nobody in Montreal, Canada and at Babelsberg Studios in Berliin, Germany.


? Jared Leto as Nemo Nobody, both 34 and 118 years old;

? Daniel Mays as young journalist;

? Diane Kruger as Anna, Nemo's one true love;

? Sarah Polley as Elise, Nemo's wife with borderline personality disorder in one reality;

? Linh Dan Pham as Jeanne, Nemo's wealthy but loveless wife in another reality;

? Rhys Ifans and Natasha Little as Nemo's parents;

? Allan Corduner as Nemo's psychiatrist;

The film starts by showing the Nemo Nobody in the year 2092, as a one hundred eighteen year old man, and as the last mortal alive after humans have become ‘telomerized' and became immortals. He recounts his life story to a student journalist, which decided to interview Nemo for his assignment.

Nemo recounted three different prominent

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