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My High School Flings

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My High School Flings

My High School Flings

Yesterday, I was looking in my high school photo album and came across some pictures of my ex-boyfriends, Shaun, Jamal, and Daniel. Looking at the pictures of them, reminded me of how they were both all very special people in my life, and how I really enjoyed the times that I spent with all of them. However, I realized that, although they were alike in bringing happiness in my life, the things that they did and the qualities that they displayed were not the same.

First, I dated Shaun. He seemed to be the perfect gentleman. Shaun was sweet and charming, and he would always take me to fancy restaurants and buy me whatever I wanted. He was very smart, and he always did well in school. His intelligence was what drew me closer to him. But there was one thing that was wrong with Shaun. He wasn’t on the same page as I was mentally. He barely talked, and we could never keep a good conversation going for a long time. Sometimes, I wondered why I still liked him because he was a little boring at times. He was also a nerd. He always hung out with his nerd friends, and they never did anything fun and interesting except play video games. Yet I must say that I enjoyed the restaurants and the gifts. Our relationship only lasted for two months. I was surprised that it lasted that long. The relationship ended because he was just too boring for me, and I couldn’t take any more of it. So I told him that we needed to go our separate ways and see other people. The idea didn’t seem to bother him because he told me that he was sort of thinking the same thing.

Next, there was my second boyfriend, Jamal. He was the typical high school jock. Jamal played basketball and football, and he was the star player of them both. He too was very handsome, but he was also extremely cocky and thought that he was the greatest thing that God made on Earth. All of the girls were at him, but since I was a cheerleader and never showed any interest in him, he wanted to date me. So we dated, and everyone thought that we were the perfect couple since he was a football player and I was a cheerleader. I liked having that attention when I was with him. I also enjoyed knowing that I was the girlfriend of the star player at our school. However, our relationship wasn’t as intense. We never spent time together out of school, and if we did it was only during sporting events. Our relationship lasted five months and ended in the worst way. It ended when I found out that he was talking to one of my friends, who was also on the cheerleading team with me while I was dating him. She was gossiping one day, and I overheard her talking about how she and Jamal were dating and that I was stupid to still be dating him. I was hurt, so I confronted him in front of everyone and made him feel really bad.

Finally, I dated Daniel. Daniel

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