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My Process of Learning English

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My Process of Learning English

When I started to learn English, it was a challenge that my family and I wanted

to pass. The English language is completely different from the Spanish language. Many

times I found myself speaking English using Spanish wording. Like any other subject or

activity learning English is a process that could be either hard or easy, but it is something

I knew that will bring me satisfaction and success in the future. The way I have to

manage my tongue is so different from Spanish in order to obtain a perfect pronunciation

for me is the part that I enjoy the most. To speak and understand the English language

gives me the pleasure that I can go to places and understand people from other countries.

The process of learning English is easier with the help of friends and teachers.

Throughout all my childhood, I learned English in many different ways with

many different people. The person who taught me my first English words was my mom.

She was raised in the United States and her interest in me learning English started since I

was a little girl. One of the ways she taught me was through English songs. This way was

very fun and it did not feel like I was learning another language, but indeed I was.

Years passed and I was ready to start elementary school. I was enrolled at the

age of four at Christian Day School which was a bilingual school. I started a year earlier

because my diagnostic test results were high. One of the most important teachers in my

process of learning English was my kinder garden teacher Mrs. Morales. With her I

learned how to write the words, how to pronounce them, and to recognize their sound.

I remember her helping me pronounce the words because I always kept messing up,

but with practice my pronunciation got better and better.

Then came the other grades first through fifth. Where I learned other

techniques like how to write better sentences in English and not to mix the order of the

Spanish wording with English wording. After I graduated the fifth grade, I moved to

Robles de Justicia, which was another bilingual school. In this school, I learned English

and all my other classes through a system called Accelerated Christian Education (ACE).

this system is a more individual way of teaching than in regular schools. Adapting myself

to the system was very easy for me. In this school I learned more about the English

language. I learned that year how to write simple, compound, and complex sentences.

At the end of the school we found out that the school in which I was had to

close. So I got enrolled at Castillo Fuerte which also was a bilingual school. The move to

another school was hard for me, but I knew it was for the best. This school had the same

system of teaching that in my last school. At the first day of school, I met my principle

called Maria Vel├ęz who also was my academic counselor. She was a key person in my

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