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My Washed Poem

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My Washed Poem

Till today I'm still sitting alone the place where we both sit at every evening.

Those hopes and wishes made up at one green evening and those hopes still alive in my heart.

Even today's tempest can't washed off

The tree that we both planted at that very evening , reaches its full growth with full of red flowers.

Visioning to those flowers

Thinking that it was you

Is it will be the content of my heart?

My heart that flies when i see your smile

But today no wing to fly as you have taken my wings with your pass.

The thirst of water can't be replace by any other liquid.

Let all my sorrows, mournful events be all washed away by today's


The dirt that remains at our body can be washed off

But the color of past that colored in my heart can't be washed

Now the tempest has over but small drops are still falling.

When the Sun is about to set a series of unending question rise in my mine

Will the mysterious breeze be blowing again?

Will that powerful rain be return again?

When I was about to returned home an Unexpected wind blew out all the pages of my poem

All loss

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