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Need for Speed Prostreet

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Need for Speed Prostreet

Video gaming has been one of the top activities for Americans for the past couple of decades. Some play for fun, others to past the time or make money. Of course like anything else, people have there favorite console and game. My favorite game just happens to be Need for Speed ProStreet. It also happens to have its pros and cons.

EA Games has been making the Need for Speed game for years. There latest release goes back to the original track based game it used to be and got away from all the street environment games that were released in the previous years. This scene allows gamers to play in race after race on closed circuits. Then they are sent back to the menu after each race is over.

This is a good setup but there isn’t many extras to play around with.

The controls EA has designed for ProStreet are a very good setup but the cars handle nothing like their real-life counterparts. Most every vehicle drives like a boat and feels very reluctant to turn. ProStreet's representations of the cars feel very top-heavy and they slide around corners like they're covered with ice. The steering response is precise even with the sloppy handling of the vehicles.

As for the competitions, ProStreet is designed where you are allowed to choose your style of race. This menu is called Race Day and is based on a weekend day out at the track. The Race Day progression offers a nice assortment of race events for you to partake in. Each Race Day features a handful of events such as grip races, drag races, speed challenges, etc. which all are good fun.

The track design is decent, but nothing stands out whatsoever. All of the races take place out in the middle of nowhere on closed-off tracks, so you won't see too many interesting trackside vistas or what have you. They're

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