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Network Planning and Design

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Network Planning and Design

Network Planning and Design

Network Topologies

Network Infrastructure

Communication Protocols

• Definition Network Communication Protocol

• Different types of Protocols

• Protocol Evaluation Criteria

• Protocol Evaluation

Security & Accessibility Policies

Capacity Planning

Scalability Requirements

Services for the Network Users

Network Topologies

Network Topology is the layout/ virtual structure of the elements (links, nodes) arranged in a computer network.

There are two types of network topologies.

Physical Topology - How physically computer network elements are arranged within the


Logical Topology - How data is actually transmitted within the network

This area covers the types of Network Topologies available and the main advantages and disadvantages of each topology which will be help in designing a Network

Types of Network Topologies

o Bus

o Star

o Ring

o Mesh

o Tree

In this section I have discussed about different types of network topologies in terms of below mentioned aspects as there are some of the main criteria which we need to pay on choosing a network topology

• • Functionality and Structure

• • Installation

• • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

• • Expected Growth

• • Distances

• • Infrastructure

• • Existing Network

Each network topology has its own advantages and disadvantages, selecting a topology should be solely based on the requirement of the network

Communication Protocols

Protocol Evaluation Criteria





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