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New Communication Technologies - Communication Convergence

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New Communication Technologies - Communication Convergence

New Communication Technologies

Communication Convergence - Critical Analyse

“Technological convergence is the modern presence of a vast array of different types of technology to perform very similar tasks.”

- Technological convergence, Wikipedia.

As human society advances through the ages so do the technologies that surround us; a synergistic combination of new achievements to provide an efficient and simple out come, thus creating a fluid interaction of technical devices to progress with human artificial evolution. As we have now adapted to a race dependent on technology to more a lease survive, the demand of convergence is promptly evolving to satisfy the needs of social networking and corporate markets. Such technical combinations include the use three main communication technologies: voice, data and video.

One technical advance into the new age of communication technologies is the world renowned skype website. It is a leader in its niche market, with the synergy of voice, data and video. Skype has produced such a unique multi-play convergence that it is substantially used both in the corporate and social market. They have been so successful to date, due to their intelligent interaction of separate technologies to share resources and interact efficiently together.

As a member of Skype you have the ability to utilise free VoIP (voice) and digital TV (video) feeds between other skype users, also the ability to send data similar to internet emails. With the convergence of these communication tools skype has marketed itself to a broad spectrum of users whether it be for personal or business use. This is where skype uses the hook line and sinker tactic for making money, as well as the free attribute to skype and interaction between users, members can also utilise a cheaper voice connection to mobile and land line numbers, any where in the world, through the internet. Skype has recently released its new product line of functions which also utilises the ability of portable devices such as mobiles, WiFi phones, cordless phones and even gaming devices through wireless internet connection.

Skype’s internet site is simple and effective; an informative approach to its layout allows users to navigate to necessary information for topical use. Although Skype are trying to portray themselves more as a creation for the people, the means of making money are evident on everything interaction of the site. The site is perfect example of interactivity of old media in new ways, an artificial convergence of human designed and built technology.

The site is a smart marketing tool to promote Skype as a consumer product that is a medium in which can combine popular technologies in less space. Although effective in ways of passing information to the user the topography of the site can

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