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Nyiit Managerial Marketing Wright Food Task 3

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Nyiit Managerial Marketing Wright Food Task 3


TO: Susan Reichert, VP of marketing, Wright Foods

FROM: Rajeev Sharma

SUBJECT: La Fresh Brand Evaluation/Recommended Promotion Strategy


Wright has a great all natural product in the form of La Fresh for the quality conscious consumers. Wright should use this unique feature of the product to further promote it.

Evaluation of the La Fresh Brand

La fresh is being promoted to extend the century old legacy associated with the name Wright, “QUALITY”. Wright is a quality conscious company, and with each and every product they want to carry on the tradition. Wright has a wide range of all-natural products and using its past experience and vast resources they want to introduce an all-natural whipped topping product. La Fresh is 100 % natural, first of its kind. Other brand are offering products with nonnatural ingredient, giving La Fresh a unique edge in the overall graph

La Fresh’s Current Promotional Strategy

Current promotion strategy is geared towards continuing the umbrella brand strategy. La fresh is another quality conscious, all natural ingredient product. La fresh would bolster Wright image of being a leader in packaged food products. Riding on the brand image Wright would be able to secure early break even. The promotions being used target the educated higher income bracket that prefer natural products.

The television commercial being used also convey La fresh as a high quality complement to enhance your dessert experience.


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