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Office Automation and Collaboration Software

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Office Automation and Collaboration Software

Assignment # 2 Lekesha

January 27, 2007


Office Automation and Collaboration Software

This assignment based on MDCH is to authorize others members of my company the access of the different types of office automation and collaboration software that is used as well as the advantages and disadvantages.

The office automation software used by MDCH are Microsoft Outlook email, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Outlook, the email system that MDCH uses, it helps to dispense information to all MDCH employees near and far. This allows every employee to communicate effectively from different areas. Microsoft Outlook also helps to organize due dates of appointments, time management, and other activities. This type of automation software enables MDCH to work effectively and continue to be more productive. Microsoft Word helps MDCH to create, correct, and organize files. Microsoft Word will correct grammar, and spelling errors, it also allows the change of format, insert page numbers, headers, and save rough drafts of reports. However, this function saves time in returning to a document to find errors or printing before it is corrected and submitted for final review. Microsoft Excel helps to preserve data for MDCH, while calculating totals for each specific row. This will help to save time on inputting large amounts of information and still be efficient in other areas.


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