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One Nation, Slightly Divisible

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One Nation, Slightly Divisible

One Nation, Slightly Divisible

Although the United States is one nations is which people contain similar beliefs, they also have many differences in ideas. An excellent example of this was brought about by the 2000 election for president, in which the map of the United States was split into two categories: Blue America and Red America. Blue America represented the states that supported Al Gore, while Red America represented the states that supported Bush. The states obviously differed on who they thought should become president, but their differences also stood on a higher level. By presenting his arguments in the Atlantic Monthly, David Brooks is trying to make sure that his thoughts and feelings on the unity of the nation are heard by the people with power. The intellectuals who would read his article would, ironically, agree of disagree with the information presented.

Not only did they differ in political beliefs, but their ways of life were drastically diverse. In one example, the author, David Brooks said that people in Blue America did everything using motors. While people in Red America did not. Although some of these areas are close to each other there aren’t only differences in their political thinking, but also in their cultures. From people’s attitude, to the way that they dress the states that represent different political parties are very different in many ways. The differences among the states often pose many problems, due to their inability to agree on situations. Having differences in political beliefs is healthy for American democracy, but too much can lead to a division in our united states. Sensitive issues, such as abortion and same sex marriage have fueled these splits in beliefs among the states. It is obvious that not everyone has the same idea of how situations should be handled.

Although Brooks brought up some points that are interesting, such as the split of the U.S. due to differences in beliefs, It is hard to believe that it would ever happen. People do not share the same beliefs with other people, which is why the United States is the U.S. and not a communist nation. The citizens of the U.S are allowed to have their own opinions. Just because people have different views on politics, and the way they live their lives, it is hard to believe that a very strong nations would be broken up because of disagreements. The secessions of the South during the Civil War occurred during a time when the nation was very young and vulnerable. There have been more advances made in politics since the Civil war. Situations such as same sex marriages and abortions have always loomed

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