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Operation Market Garden

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Operation Market Garden

Operation market Garden officially ended. The withdrawal of the 1st British Airborne Division and the few poled who had reached the perimeter continued until the Tuesday morning. Daylight made it impossible for the remaining soldiers to cross the river in full sight of the Germans. Urquhart’s Division was almost annihilated. Of the original 10,000 men who arrived at the Arnhem sector during Operation Market Garden A only 2,000 the village of Priel, the rest were killed, wounded, or taken prisoner.”

Operation Market Garden, a ten day battle during World War II, that took place in the fall of 1944.B The main objective was to try and take the bridges that led across the major rivers of the German sieged Netherlands which would allow the American Allied forces to continue through Germany without large obscurities right after 10 am on a Sunday, from the airfields over the southern portion of England the greatest armada of troop transporting plane ever created for a single operation took to the sky. The 263rd week of World War II, the General Dwight David Eisenhower unleashed Market Garden. It consisted of large troops of tanks and air troops from the sky.

Market Garden would be merely a accident and time buying of our eastward charge to the border we needed for short safety. On the flank C line was the lower Rhine. To stop that obstacle would have left us in a very exposed position, particularly during the time Montgomery would have to concentrate large forces on the operation located on Walcheren Island. D Parachutes were the primary tactic for this battle. The idea was to take them by surprise and come from both of the major pathways possible, Air and land. Garden was the attack from land while market was the attack from the sky or also known as a air raid. It was carefully devised and planed, but in the end the Germans used their clever tactics to make this clever plan crumble before their feet.

One of the major leaders of the German troops was General Gustav Von Zangen. E His troops were 80,000 men large. They were a humongous army and well prepared for the allied troops

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