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Organizing Function of Management

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Organizing Function of Management


Organizing function of management in my organization


Human Resources:

The human resources are organized in a systematic manner. The objective of my company is to ensure that there is a focus on division of labor, coordination and control of tasks and an exchange of information within the organization. In addition, the distribution of accountability and authority to job holders in my company.

How are these functions carried out?

1. My organization is involved in selling groceries. There is division of labor because the workers are organized in producing quality food items and assisting customers to the final transaction at checkout.

2. There is delegation of authority; the store manager has assistants who have department managers. Department managers satisfy customers in accordance to the production plan and their needs.

3. There is departmentalization because different departments produce products such as meat and deli and grocery items for sale.

4. The span of control of each supervisor is well defined. For example the span of control of the manager in charge of the deli department is only in charge of that specific department.

5. The coordination among different supervisors and departments so that the the customers are taken care of in a timely manner is done by the store manager. He ensures that all the departments function according to schedule.

In my opinion my organization has optimized the use of its human resources. This is the reason why the productivity is high, the morale of the workforce is good and there is a very low rate of turnover. This material is taken from the website:”

A key issue in accomplishing the goals identified in the planning process is structuring the work of the organization. Organizations are groups of people, with ideas and resources, working toward common goals. The purpose of the organizing function is to make the best use of the organization's resources to achieve organizational goals. Organizational structure is the formal decision-making framework by which job tasks are divided, grouped, and coordinated. Formalization is an important aspect of structure. It is the extent to which the units of the organization are explicitly defined and its policies, procedures, and goals are clearly stated. It is the official organizational structure conceived and built by top management. The formal organization can be seen and represented in chart form. An organization chart displays the organizational structure and shows job titles, lines of authority, and relationships between departments. The informal organization is the network, unrelated to the firm's formal authority structure, of social interactions among its employees. It is the personal and social relationships that arise spontaneously as people associate with one another in the work environment. The supervisor must realize that the informal organization affects the formal organization. The informal organization can pressure group members to conform to the expectations of the informal group that conflict with those of the formal organization. This can result in the generation of false information or rumors and resistance to change desired by management. The supervisor should recognize the existence of information groups, identify the roles member play within these groups, and use knowledge of the groups to work effectively with them. The informal organization can make the formal organization more effective by providing support to management, stability to the environment, and useful communication channels.”


Physical assets:

The physical assets of my company are organized in a systematic manner. The stress is on proper and safe usage of assets. By assets I mean to focus on the equipment that enables employees to produce foods to sell to customers in the facilities. These consist of work tables, machines, the actual building, computers and cash registers. As mentioned above my organization is involved in producing and selling quality food products.

The organizing function is carried out in this manner:

1. Layout: The layout of of the aisles and departments within the facility are done in a systematic manner. Ergonomic considerations are taken into account in installing aisles and departments. The shelving for products have been installed so that is easy to reach, comfortable and convenient for customer to complete

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