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Overview of Women and Globalization

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Overview of Women and Globalization

Overview of Women and Globalization

Presented to the Asian Women's Workshop on Globalisation. Manila, November 22-24, 2001.

by Susan Price - Democratic Socialist Party, Australia.

In the Marxist movement, war is defined as 'politics by another means'.

The current military intervention in the gulf region by the major superpowers and their deputies, including the Australian ruling class and their military, is the result of a crisis which has been brought about by the policies of the major imperialist powers against the Third World for decades. It is a direct outcome of the failure of the capitalist system and the failure of the project of neoliberal globalisation.

This war which was given the perfect pretext by the terrorist attacks in the United States, is an acceleration of attempts by the imperialist powers to roll back the gains of the international movement against neoliberal globalisation, and instead to engage in a permanent war on the Third World.

Far from causing the economic crisis, it was already well underway in the US and Japan prior to September 11, and certainly looks set to be further aggravated in the wake of the terrorist attacks and now through this war. And once

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