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Position Paper: Obtaining Import Permits from the Mexican Government

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Position Paper: Obtaining Import Permits from the Mexican Government

I am a Mexican Custom Broker (MCB), and I am writing this paper because we need an authorized import permits issuing office in Nogales Mexico. First, let me explain what a Mexican Customs Broker does. A Mexican Customs Broker is primarily, the agent for the importer who employs him. He is frequently the importer's only point of contact with the Mexican Customs. The MCB advises on the technical requirements of importing, preparing and filing entry documents, obtaining the necessary permits, bonds, paying Mexican import duties, and arranging delivery to the importers premises or warehouse.

In the present time, a large amount of time, money and resources are wasted to obtain the necessary permits for the importation of good. This is because to acquire the necessary permits, we only have one option; we have to contact the issuing office in Mexico City either by mail or in person.

Goods entering Mexico are deposited in a customs warehouse or in the case of land or air shipments; they are placed in the customs broker's warehouse. The goods are cleared upon the presentation of the required documents and the payments of duties and other charges. Depending on the goods to import, it is most likely that we may need an Import Permit. When we have good luck, the process to receive the permits takes about three weeks. To obtain them in three weeks, we have to subcontract a representing organization in Mexico City who specializes in these sorts of issues. If we do it by mail, the process takes more than six weeks. Consequently, more money and time are wasted.

On the contrary, if we have an issuing office in Nogales, a lot of time and money will be save. For example, we will not need to hire the representing organization in Mexico City. Also, the Nogales’s office will not be overloaded with work

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