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Post-Impressionist Movement

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Post-Impressionist Movement

The Post Impressionism Movement contributed a lot to art history, brought out many famous painters and paintings, and left a great legacy. Although many people still believe though that post impressionism was not a movement at all but just something that came after impressionism. Post impressionism movement brought out many famous painters and showed the way for other talented artists and new movements. The post impressionism movement has always been thought about in different ways.

The history of Impressionism is the reason why Post Impressionism started and is a movement. The original movement Impressionism started in the 1860's and lasted until the 1880's and was originated in France. "It was the most successful movement ever and is still practiced today" (Maylon pg. 1) Beginning in the 1880's and ending in the 1890's came Post Impressionism. Roger fry termed a new word for Impressionism, Post Impressionism after the previous movement. Post impressionism aimed to put more emotion and _expression in their paintings then the impressionism movement painters.

Many famous painters came out of this movement such as Vincent Van Gogh, Georges Seraut, and Paul Gauguin. These are just three of the most famous painters in this movement; each one of these painters had their own unique style and made the movement what it is today. Vincent Van Gogh is one of today's

most known and famous painters proving the point that post impressionism was an important movement in art history. Van Gogh followed many of the themes of the post impressionism; he painted anything from landscapes to inanimate objects. Van Gogh was a very unique painter because he did not use the same style for each one of his paintings; he experimented with different styles making each painting different. One of Van Gogh most famous paintings was Starry Night. Van Gogh used deep colors and his own unique style that you will not see in any other painter's paintings. Another famous painter that showed that post impressionism was a movement was Georges Seraut. Seraut made up his own style of painting by using a different brushstroke and creating small dots. This style started post impressionism having a unique and different style then any other movements. Georges Seraut painted

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