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Preparation of Low Cost Housing Plan for the Homeless People

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Preparation of Low Cost Housing Plan for the Homeless People

                   Preparation of low cost housing plan for the homeless people

Table of Contents:

  1. Background of the study
  2. Objectives
  3. Methodology
  4. Scope
  5. Report about the existing and proposed condition
  6. Submission output
  7. Timing

 1.  Background of the study:

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. The housing situation in Bangladesh has never been satisfactory. The majority of dwellingunits are temporary, sub-standard, unsafe and overcrowded.

A large portion of land is covered with rivers and lakes resulting in a much higher population density of 1,198 Persons/Sq. km. High population growth rate in urban areas (4.5 percent), the standard of shelter is correspondingly low.

Many people living in rural areas come to the urban area in search of jobs and for better living. Most of them live in slums and squatters due to low-income

Along with the population growth, the demand on housing and related facilities of these migrant and city population is growing at an alarming rate. The worsening urban housing situation, especially for low income group, is caused by rapid population growth, shortage of urban land, poor economy, poverty level of low income group, housing policy and climatic factors. To meet the demand the Bangladesh government already took decision to build a large number of housing projects for low-income and lower-middle income group people. But this is very limited. However the demand of housing is increasing for huge population (homeless or low income).

But it is a matter of regret that though real estate companies are doing their business in urban areas, they are not interested to expand their business for the homeless people as they face many difficulties there. But the homeless people are also the inhabitant of Bangladesh. Both Bangladesh government and NGO should take effective steps for the housing of the homeless people. Many non-government organisations (NGOs) are involved in various development programs in Bangladesh, targeting the urban poor, who also lack proper housing. Yet they have not been widely involved in urban housing.

Besides it can be said that most of the people have not the ability to build a house or live in a house. As a result the poor people need a place to live in. So it is needed to make at least low cost housing for the homeless people.

2. Objectives:

2.1 Broad Objective-

Develop a housing plan to provide a shelter and to ensure safety, security and minimum comfort for the low income homeless people.

2.2 Specific objectives-

  1. Deliver new homes for the homeless people based on their need.
  2. Enable better health and well-being through housing, affordable housing and housing-related support.
  3. Create mixed, balanced, sustainable communities.
  4. Improve standards in existing homes, and encourage best use of all housing stock.
  5. Extend housing choice and meet housing need.
  6. Prevent and tackle homelessness.
  7. Promote the benefits good housing and partnership working can bring to related issues.
  8. To develop the administrative and technical skills of members to manage and operation of the project.
  9. Encourage private sector invest in the housing sector.

3. Methodology with respect to objectives:

-Maintain delivery of affordable housing, particularly on growth sites.

- Housing and infrastructure priorities should be identified.

- Health, housing and care professionals work together to identify needs and develop new jointProjects.

 - Plan for our changing demography, particularly the growing number of people.

-Support sustainable rural communities in our villages and market towns.

- Support development of community housing schemes.

-Enable vulnerable people to remain living in their own homes.

- Identify common problems and provide housing services according to their need.

- Monitor effect of welfare reforms on housing issues.

-Ensure that current service provision is maintained for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

- Learn lessons from new housing developments.

- Understand, apply and communicate key policy changes, including their impact on housing, social and economic circumstances across the housing sub-region.


-With coordination among the related authorities develop a strategy to ensure administrative support.

-Demonstration seminar organizes.

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