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Presentation on a Decision & Its Implementations

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Presentation on a Decision & Its Implementations


Our Jupiter hospital is a leading one in the country which is situated in the heart of Dhaka city. This hospital is not a new hospital. Previously in the year 2002 it was 300 bedded hospitals and it is well known healthcare provider to citizens of Dhaka and other areas of the country. With the flourishing income flow we increased our bed from 300 to 400. But from few years back we are facing decreasing our yearly income and it is about 30 lakh to more than 2 Cr taka loss per year.


As I am a Chief Executive of our hospital I feel, that we have to recover yearly loss and our organization must run with profit within a year. This can be provided by improving our services delivered by doctors, nurses, and paramedics other staffs and lower level staff including cleaner.


(a)Problem Identification & Justification

I personally being the managing director of this hospital I observed the Health Service market which showed me that other modern 500 bedded hospital like Apollo and Square hospitals entered into the healthcare providing market, with all modern equipment, machineries and technologies, like we have. I have also noticed that some portions of rich patients are leaving the country for better treatment available in the foreign countries. I have surveyed that all the new modern well equipped hospitals with logistic and trained manpower are not better than us but just like us. Another surprising discovery is that patients are rushing to the new hospitals hopping that they will get better service there. I got the opportunity to survey 500 sample survey of the patients who came back after receiving treatment from out side of the country. The result was that they were satisfied with the service delivery and dealings. In this connection I want to say that all hospitals (including private and public) are lacking in this sector to satisfy the patient. So I found that our draw back is in the service providing system, and lack of ability to hospitability. In this regard I, personally with my subordinate directors have long discussion about the problem.

(b) Develop Alternative Solutions

The management committee got together and brainstormed for a new idea that would save the Hospital from loosing patients as well as decrease in its income.

The management also invited all its employees to join and come up with ideas to improve our current situation.

We also talked to our major customers and sample survey of 500 patients.

(c) Evaluation of the Solutions

1. New campaign for advertisement (electronic and print media).

2. Provide better facilities than other renowned hospitals.

3. Develop competition among departments.

4. Provide training on behavioral science and communication skills to the employees.

1) New campaign for advertisement:


Increase customers.




2) Provide better facilities than other renowned hospitals.


Increase customers


Time Consuming

Too Expensive

3) Develop competition among departments.


Increase skill of the employees

Achieve competitive advantages


Uncertain misbehavior among the employees

Rivalry among departments will effect the work environment.

4) Provide training on behavioral science and bedside manners to the employees.


Same set of staff can run.

Lesser advertisement expenses.

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