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Protect Our Second Amendment!

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Protect Our Second Amendment!

Protect our Second Amendment!

The government should stop trying to pass stricter gun control laws. People run around every day blaming guns for the deaths of thousands of people a year, when the reality of it is guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It isn’t the guns fault there was a psycho person standing on the wrong side and they killed someone. It also isn’t the guns fault if a young child gets a hold of a gun that a irresponsible parent left lying around loaded and an accident happens. Laws get stricter and stricter on guns all the time and before long they will be working towards taking our guns away from us. As a United States citizen everyone has a right to bear arms, but now a days it all but takes an act of congress just to even purchase a new firearm.

Now there are so many background checks that stores have to run on customers buying firearms, which is great, but sometimes the process can be ridiculous. Say a person is a convicted felony then they can not purchase a fire arm, which is a good law but the fact is they are making so many now it is ridiculous. A lot of people from the cities don’t even understand what we even need guns for, and anyone from the south will tell you that it is one of our most important freedoms. Our right to bear arms lets people go hunting and control animal populations, so that animals such as deer, raccoons, squirrels, bears, turkeys, and many different types of animals and birds do not over populate areas and eat all the plant life and then starve each other

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