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Punk Rock’s Influence on Musicians and the Youth

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Punk Rock’s Influence on Musicians and the Youth

Carmela Ramirez                                                                29 November 2013

EN 12 – S02                                                                        Mini Task #3

Annotated Bibliography

General Topic: Punk Rock’s influence on musicians and the youth

Tentative Stand: Punk rock has greatly contributed to the belief of self-expression and individuality in musicians and the youth.

1)    A Book by a Single Author

Stark, James. PUNK '77: An Inside Look at the San Francisco Rock N' Roll Scene

1977. Expanded 3rd ed. San Francisco: RE/search Publications, 2006. Print.

Stark relives the late 1970s with anecdotes and photographs that capture the spirit of the time. Punk has just arrived in San Francisco and the author showcases how the superstars of yesteryear interacted with their peers and their audience.  This source may be useful when introducing “Punk Rock” as both a genre and subculture.

2)  A Work from an Anthology
Tanner, Julian. “Pop, Punk and Subcultural Solutions.” American Popular Music:

Readings from the Popular Press Volume II: The Age of Rock. Ed. Timothy E. Schreuer. Bowling Green: Bowling Green State University Press, 1989. Print.

A gem amongst the sources I found, Tanner’s essay on Punk Rock’s emergence as both a social and musical development explains how the genre has not only been a product of Britain’s economic situation but also a response to the time’s pop music trends. It broke barriers and eventually flourished as a subculture of its own. This source can be used in both my introduction and body as it includes historical background and important incidents related to the topic.

3)    An Introduction, Preface or Foreword

O’Brien Glenn. Foreword. Blank Generation Revisited: The Early Days of Punk Rock /

photographs. By Roberta Bayley, et al. New York: Schirmer Books, 1997. Print.

Short but sweet, O’Brien simplifies Punk Rock in his own words and describes how he saw it  in New York City where it was started by the musicians and later in London where fashion took front seat. His perspective as a photographer literally saw the subculture emerge through a glass and his experience can easily be quoted in my paper.

4)    A Book Published in a Second or Subsequent Edition

Shuker, Roy. Key concepts in popular music. Second ed. London: Routledge, 2005.


A book that might as well be a pop music dictionary, Shuker takes vital concepts including that of “Punks” and “Punk Rock” and explaining them briefly and to to the point. When introducing the general topic of Punk Rock, this source can easily define the genre and subculture.        

5)   A scholarly journal in the web

Cogan, Brian. "What Do I Get? Punk Rock, Authenticity and Cultural Capital."

Counterblast: The E-Journal of Culture and Communication (n.d.): n. pag. Web. 29 Nov. 2013.

Found in one of New York University’s publications, Cogan’s take is one that is more recent. He introduces Punk Rock as something that has come to be a part of mainstream American culture and provides due examples of its presence in today’s mass media. The article will definitely provide a more contemporary opinion to my research paper.

6) A non-periodical publication in the web

Gardmer, Elysa. "Punk Rock Grows up." USA TODAY, 31 Jan.

2005. Web. 28 Nov. 2013.

An article on the pop punk pioneers of the 1990s, Green Day prevailed in bringing punk rock to the mainstream. Winning a Grammy for their debut album “Dookie” as well as achieving great commercial success with 2004’s American Idiot, the band proves to be a testament to the freedom to explore in the genre. Including this in my research paper will give a more recent example of punk presence, making it more relevant to my peers.

7) A television or radio broadcast

Laurence, Alastair, dir. "Blank Generation: Punk Rock." Seven Ages of Rock. British

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