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Racial Negative in Advertising

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Racial Negative in Advertising

Racial Negative

Stereotype- This advertisement from Playstation is a racial negative. In this advertisement the Caucasian women is grabbing the African American women at the bottom of the chin. Sony is trying to show that white is better than black. In the cultural perspective this is presenting that white race is superior to the African American race. Most people believe in equality and this advertisement shows racist action. This advertisement was quickly taken down by Sony last year because they received some conflicting comments about their offensive adverting. This advertisement violates all the ethical standards in advertising. They violate social ethics by doing posing to do harm to another person which conflict with values of the community and consumer. The professional ethics is dishonored by not following the standards of practice by releasing and advertisement that could cause misleading visuals. Most children play videogames more than adults; children could view this advertisement in the wrong way. Also being disgraced is personal ethics because Sony decided to make public this visually offensive advertisement, not being able to look passed marketing strategy over ethics. The morals of people who have viewed their advertisement were damaged.

Creativity/Media- This advertisement was found online and would have been in any gaming magazine that is available for retail, such as “Gamepro”. This advertisement was enlarged from its original form to make a billboard and was released in September 2006. Sony is one of the largest electronic manufactures in the world. Sony uses all the basic forms of mass media to convey their message of their new color for the PSP. Sony’s advertisements are produced and distributed through television, print and online advertisements aimed at the videogame nation. The print/billboard advertisements would have the most influence because from this example it seems like they get straight to the point, because this picture creates a controversial argument. In their forward and eye catching advertisements it becomes a creative use of media formats. Sony is trying to push there new color for their product the Sony PSP (Playstation portable), the only color available was black before.

Execution- Sony’s advertisement makes you turn your head and do a double take. The first attribute you see is a Caucasian woman grabbing the chin of an African American. The woman on the right is wearing a white outfit which is scanty and fashionable revealing her stomach and her chest area. Her hair style is questionable; it’s in the shape of a mullet which could represent the women being rough and tough. The white represents the new color from available

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