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Racial Profiling

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Racial Profiling


I. Racial profiling, What is it?

A. Racial profiling has been debated and over the last decade.

1. Before September 11th the majority of Americans felt that racial profiling problem, and it must be rooted out.

2. Laws were passed before September 11th, banning racial profiling by police officers. S.989 the End Racial Profiling act of 2001, which uses data collection as tool to gather information as to who is being targeted and to hold police officers and agencies accountable.

3. New Jersey police officers targeting black men, puling them over and searching there cars looking for drugs. From this the term “driving while black” was coined.

B. Arab-Americans experienced forms for racial profiling before September 11th

1.In the 1970’s the view of Arabs as terrorists became prevalent, and again during the Gulf War.

II. Following the attacks of September 11th the racial profiling of Arab Americans has become much more prevalent.

A. In the days after 9/11 the majority of Americans reacted to Arab’s with fear and anger.

1. Between September 11th and November 9th the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee confirmed violent acts at Arab’s.

2. Some have said the treatment of Arab’s is similar to the treatment of the Japanese during WW2.

B. The government has had a conflicting outlook on racial profiling since September 11th.

1. President Bush has condemned the practice of profiling Arab’s and has urged all of the American people not to profile..

2. USA Patriot Act gives the government powers to detain, search, watch, anyone based on suspicion. The government has also decided to try non-citizens in military tribunals instead of civilian courts.

III. While the reaction from the Arab community to the racial profiling has been understandable offended ,there is also understanding.

A. The Arab community is trying thorough the media, and through their own community to improve their image. They would like show that they are Americans, and that they are just as outraged about

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