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Reebok Case

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Reebok Case

Objective Before 1987 1987 1988

Communication Objectives Make Reebok as visible as possible

- Invest on all kinds of promotional

tools, such as AD, PR, SP, and


Increase brand awareness

- great attention on advertising

Shape strong brand image

- Paid star athletes to wear Reebok

- Provide potential star free shoes and


Create positive brand association

- Funded research on injury prevention

- Put Reebok shoes on the feet of TV

aerobics instructors (instructors choice

is more trustworthy)

Create professional image

- Reebok is worn by athletes and instructors

Create consumer positive brand attitude toward Reebok

- continuous sponsorship

Keep Reebok brand exciting

- Five TV ads each sold a different sports


Reinforce its brand position in consumers’ minds

- Four themes: performance, new

technology, “classic” styling, and


Reinforce Message Delivery

- used “real people” instead of star

athletes (as research showed: purchases

decision were more influenced by

friends/ relative than star athletes)

Reposition itself into more fashionable image

- 70% of tennis category expenditure

was allocated to lifestyle/fashion-

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